About Pharmaceutics Specialization

Pharmaceutics deals with the design and development of dosage forms for a drug and methodologies to deliver the drug to the desired site of action in the body. This specialization uniquely prepares students for entry into the pharmaceutical industry and admission to PhD program in Pharmaceutical Sciences and other related fields. Graduates of the program are highly sought after by the pharmaceutical industry to support research, development and manufacturing operations.


Top reasons to choose SVCP:

  • More than a decade of educating experience
  • The autonomous status of the institution facilitated refining of the curriculum to meet the current industry needs with the joint exercise of industry and academia experts
  • Faculty are part of interdisciplinary teams and make key scientific contributions critical to the Formulation, Research and Development of new drugs and therapies.
  • We are nurturing students with Pharmaceutical knowledge to take on research involving the key elements; analysis, creation, and application of dosage forms.
  • We ensure our students to acquire understanding and formulation of novel drug delivery systems

Career Opportunities:

  • Doctoral programmes
  • Pre-Formulation Scientist
  • Production Manager
  • Formulation  R & D Scientist
  • Academics

Quick Facts:

  • Year of Estd.: 2005-06
  • Graduated: 276
  • Grants : >1 Crore
  • Publications: 112