Alumni association

In its endeavor to expand and consolidate its relations with the former students of the institution, Shri Vishnu College of Pharmacy has established the Alumni Association which is a non-profit, non-commercial association. The Alumni was established in 2005. It was duly registered according to the Societies Registration Act XXXV of 2001

The primary purpose of Shri Vishnu college of pharmacy is to foster a friendly relationship amongst the former students and current students and to promote scientific, technical, educational and cultural activities among them.

The Alumni Association maintains the updated and current information of all members. It provides a forum for the alumni to interact with their alma matter and maintain good social relationships


  • Alumni meet is organized once in a year.
  • Memoir is released every year
  • Birthday greetings are sent on important occasions to its life members
  • Issue of identity cards to life members

Alumni Meetings

Sno Date Venue
1 08/07/2007 Smt.SitaInstituteofPharmaceuticalSciences,Hyderabad
2 06/03/2008 ShriVishnuCollegeofPharmacy,Bhimavaram
3 14/06/2008 JubleeHillsclub,Hyderabad
4 08/03/2009 ShriVishnuCollegeofPharmacy,Bhimavaram
5 24/10/2009 ShriVishnuCollegeofPharmacy,Bhimavaram
6 04/12/2010 Smt.SitaInstituteofPharmaceuticalSciences,Hyderabad
7 04/12/2011 ShriVishnuCollegeofPharmacy,Bhimavaram
8 25/11/2012 ShriVishnuCollegeofPharmacy,Bhimavaram