Printed journals and magazines

National Journals
S.No. Name of the Journal Periodicity
1 Current Sciences Fortnightly
2 Health Monthly
3 Indian Drugs Monthly
4 Indian Journal of Biochemistry and Biophysics Bimonthly
5 Indian Journal of Biotechnology Quarterly
6 Indian Journal of Chemical Technology Bimonthly
7 Indian Journal of Chemistry Section -A Monthly
8 Indian Journal of Chemistry Section -B Monthly
9 Indian Journal of Experimental Biology Monthly
10 Indian Journal of Hospital Pharmacy Bimonthly
11 Indian Journal of Novel Drug Delivery Half yearly
12 Indian Journal of Pharmaceutical Education and Research Quarterly
13 Indian Journal of Pharmaceutical Science and Research Half yearly
14 Indian Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences Bimonthly
15 Indian Journal of Pharmaceutics Half yearly
16 Indian Journal of Pharmacy Practice Quarterly
17 Indian Journal of Physiology & Pharmacology Quarterly
18 Indian Journal Pharmacology Bimonthly
19 Journal of Advanced Pharmaceutical Technology & Research Quarterly
20 Journal of Bioscience Quarterly
21 Journal of Chemical Sciences Bimonthly
22 Journal of Genetics Yearly 3
23 Journal of Hospital Pharmacy Quarterly
24 Journal of Phamaceutical Biology Half yearly
25 Journal of Pharmacology and Pharmacotherapeutics Quarterly
26 Journal of Pharmacy & Bio Allied Sciences Quarterly
27 Journal of Scientific Temper Quarterly
28 Medicinal Aromatic Plants Abstracts Bimonthly
29 Phytopharma Monthly
30 Research Journal of Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms and Technology (RJPDFT) Bimonthly
31 Research Journal of Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry ( RJPP) Bimonthly
32 Research Journal of Pharmacology and Pharmacodynamics (RJPPD) Bimonthly
33 Research Journal of Pharmacy and Technology (RJPT) Monthly
34 Research Journal of Science and Technology (RJST) Bimonthly
35 Research Journal of Topical and Cosmetic Sciences Half-Yearly
36 Resonance Journal of Sciences Education Monthly
37 The Antiseptic Monthly
38 The Indian Pharmacist Bimonthly
39 The Pharma Review Bimonthly

International Journals

S.No. Name of the Journal Periodicity
1 Asian Journal of Pharmaceutical Analysis Quarterly
2 Asian Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Technology Bi-annual
3 Asian Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences Quarterly
4 Asian Journal of Pharmaceutics Quarterly
5 Asian Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences Bi-annual
6 Current Trends in Biotechnology and Pharmacy Quarterly
7 International Journal of Advanced Pharmaceutics Bi-annual
8 International Journal of Experimental Pharmacology Bi-annual
9 International Journal of Green Pharmacy Quarterly
10 International Journal of Pharmaceutical Science and Nanotechnology Quarterly
11 International Journal of Pharmaceutical Formulation and Analysis Quarterly
12 International Journal of Pharmacy Practice and Drug Research Bi-annual
13 International Journal of Pharmacy Review and Research Bi-annual
14 Inventi Impact:Med Chem Quarterly
15 Inventi Impact:Molecular Pharmacology Quarterly
16 Inventi Impact:Pharm Analysis & Quality Assurance Quarterly
17 Invnenti Impact:NDDS Quarterly
18 Invneti Impact: Pharmacy Practice Quarterly
19 Medicinal Plants Quarterly
20 Who Drug Information Quarterly
S.No. Name of the Magazine Periodicity
1 Bala Bharatam (Telugu) Monthly
2 Business Today Fortnightly
3 Business World Fortnightly
4 CIMS Quarterly
6 Clinical Pharmacy new letter (SVCP) Bimonthly
7 Competitve Success Review Monthly
8 CSIR News Fortnightly
9 Diabetes and Prevention Quarterly
11 Down To Earth Fortnightly
12 Educational World Monthly
13 Employment News Weekly
14 Express Pharma Fortnightly
15 Fortune Fortnightly
16 General Knowledge Today Monthly
17 Grandhalaya Sarvaswam Monthly
19 Hearld of Health Monthly
20 Heritage Amruth Bimonthly
21 India Today Weekly
22 Indian Drug Review Quarterly
23 Krishna Voice Monthly
24 Manorama Tell Me Why Monthly
25 Nano Digest Bimonthly
27 Outlook Weekly
28 Palle   Srujana (Telugu) Bimonthly
29 Pharma Bio -World Monthly
30 Pharma Times Monthly
32 Reader’s Digest Monthly
33 Science Reporter Monthly
34 Sportstar Weekly
35 Telugu Velugu Monthly
36 The Week Weekly
37 Time Weekly
38 Udyogasopanam Fortnightly
39 University News Weekly
40 University Today Fortnightly
41 Vijetacompetitions Fortnightly
42 Wisdom Monthly
43 Yoga Quest Quarterly
44 Yojana (Telugu) Monthly
List of Daily News Papers
1 The Hidndu
2 The New Indian Express
3 Deccan Chronicle
4 The Hans India
5 Eenadu (Telugu)