1 .73 Crore
Completed Projects
1 .37 Crore
Ongoing Projects

Completed Projects

1 2008-2009
Dr. M. Raghu Prasad Rs 19.93 lakhs DST Scheme: Fast Track
File no: SR/FTP/CS-59/2007 ; Dt: 21/01/2008
“Design,synthesis and adenosine binding studies/bronchodilator activity of some novel imidazolo,triazolo and pyrimido pyrrolopyrimidines”.
2 2009-2010
Dr. M. Raghu Prasad Rs 16 lakhs CSIR Scheme: Young Scientists and Technologists
File no: 01(2346)/09/EMR-II; Dt: 26/10/2009
“Design and development of some novel substituted fused pyridinones as potential P2 receptor antagonists”
3 2010-2011
Ms. M. Aruna Devi Rs 6 lakhs AICTE Scheme: RPS
File no: 8023/BOR/RID/RPS-106/2009-10; Dt: 22/11/2010
“Nanoemulsions as vehicles for Transdermal delivery of Anti leprotic agents.”
4 2010-2011
Dr. VHK Varma & Dr. A. Srinivasa Rao Rs 11 lakhs AICTE Scheme: RPS
File no: 8023/BOR/RID/RPS-104/2009-10; Dt: 21/10/2010
“Novel process for the isolation of solanesol of high purity and its conversion to Coenzyme Q10.”
5 2010-2011
Ms. DHN Durga & Dr. PV Swamy Rs 8.5 lakhs AICTE Scheme: RPS
File no: 8023/BOR/RID/RPS-105/2009-10; Dt: 22/11/2010
“Formulation and development of nanofibres for poorly soluble drugs.”
6 2011-2012
Dr. K. Prasad Rs 15 lakhs AICTE Scheme: RPS
File no: 8023/RID/RPS-129(pvt)/2011-12; Dt: 26/12/2011
“Design & development of anti-urolithiatic herbal formulation.”
7 2011-2012
Dr. M. Mohan Varma Rs 15 lakhs AICTE Scheme: MODROBS
File no: 8024/RIFD/MOD-297(Pvt)/Policy-111/2011-12.; Dt: 03/03/2012
“Effect of cyclodextrins on the dissolution rate and Bioavaliability of Rosigilitazone”
8 2011-2012
Dr. D. Basava Raju Rs 18 lakhs AICTE Scheme: NCP
File no: 8022/RIFD/NCP/02-2011-12; Dt: 01/02/2011
“Nanostructured photocatalytic materials (visible) for toxic organic pollutants”.
9 2013-2014
Dr. K. S. Nataraj Rs 8.50 lakhs AICTE Scheme: MOBROBS
File no: 9-174/RIFD/MODROB/Policy-1/2013-14(Pvt); Dt: 07/08/2013
“Analytical method development, validation and determination of harmine and its related alkaloids in poly herbal or ayurvedic formulations by using RP-HPLC with PDA” detection.”
10 2013-2014
Ms. N. Archana Rs 21.60 lakhs DST Scheme: WOS
File no: (SR/WOS-A/LS-495/2012; Dt: 30/05/2013
“Solid lipid nanoparticles for controlled drug delivery-anticancer drugs”.
11 2015-2016
Mr. P. Praveen Kumar. Rs 4.5 Lakhs UGC Scheme: Minor Research Project
File no: 4-4-2014-15: Dt: Nov 2014
“Assessment of the protective effect of novel pyridinone derivatives on ulcerative colitis induced by acetic acid rat model using in vivo, in vitro and in silico methods”.
12 2015-2016
Dr. K. S. Nataraj Rs 30.93lakhs UGC Scheme: Young Scientists and Technologists
File no: SB/FTP/ETA-316/2013; Dt: 27/12/2014
“Formulation of Bacopa monnieri Phytosomes and their bio-analytical evaluation by comparison with ayurvedic dosage forms using UPLC-DAD”.
13 2015-2016
Dr.KS Nataraj / Dr.J.Ravi Kumar Reddy Rs 3.00 Lakhs UGC Scheme: Scheme-Seminar Grant
F.No.7-130/RIFD/SG/POI-1/2016-17, Dt.26-02-2018
“Computational Tools for advancing Entrepreneurship skills in Pharmacy Students”.

Ongoing Projects

Dr. M. Mohan Varma Rs 53.86 lakhs DST Scheme: Cognizant Sciences
File no: SR/CSI/142/2013; Dt: 15/09/2014
“Olfaction deficiency in indian population with cognitive impairement- a pilot study”.
Dr.K.S Nataraj Rs 0.9Lakhs UGC Scheme: Minor Research Project
F.NO:4-4/2015-16(MRP/UGC-SERO/4310; Dt: Oct 2016
“Comparative evaluation of humic substance from shilajit in oral drug delivery of few anti-cancer drugs”.
Ms.M.Sri Chandana Rs 0.6 Lakhs UGC Scheme: Minor Research Project
F.NO:4-4/2015-16(MRP/UGC-SERO/2459: Dt: Oct 2016
“Assessment of auto immune risk associated with PCOS Therapy”.
Mr.STK.Sridhar Rs. 0.55 Lakhs UGC Scheme: Minor Research Project
F.NO:4-4/2015-16(MRP/UGC-SERO/2816; Dt: Oct 2016
“Development of a hospital formulary system in a tertiary care hospital as a part of drug information service continous monitoring of drug safety”.
Dr.K.Prasad, P.Praveen Kumar & KT Sunil Rs 51.06 Lakhs DST Scheme: Cognizant Sciences
File No: SR/CSRI/155/2016; Dt: Dec 2016
“Studies on neuroprotective mechanisms and efficacy of coated Nano antioxidants in chronic stress induced neurological Diseases”.
Dr.D.B.Raju Rs 30 Lakhs DST Scheme: FIST
“To stregnthen Research Facilities in all Science Departments in the College”.