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  • Padmabhushan Dr. B.V. Raju
  • chairman - Sri K V Vishnu Raju
  • Dr.D.Basava Raju - Director of Pharmacy Colleges
  • Dr.K.Prasad - Principal
  • SVCP College Building



Transform the society through excellence in education, community empowerment, affordable health care and sustained environmental protection.




1. To achieve academic excellence through innovative learning practices.


2. To instill self confidence among rural students by supplementing with co-curricular and extra -

     curricular activities, to inculcate discipline and values among students. 


3. To establish institute - industry partnership, to extend financial assistance to weaker sections,

     to create self - employment opportunities and skill - upgradation.


4. To promote community health and hygiene, to support environmental friendly green practices,

    creating innovation hubs.