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  • Inauguration and Induction programme

    First year B.Pharmacy and Pharm D Classes Inauguration and Induction programme - 19-9-2018

  • Guest lecture on Schizophrenia and management 18-09-18

    Guest lecture on Schizophrenia and management 18-09-18

  • NSS 1

    NSS unit had done an awareness program on Handwash

  • NSS 2

    IV Pharm.D student volunteer's explained the importance of Hand wash and demonstrated it to the School children and residents of Durgapuram

  • Faculty Development Program

    Bioanalytical Method Development - Faculty Development Program on 20th & 21st July, 2018

  • Visionary RCM, campus drive was held at SVCP on 15-12-2017

    39 students are selected in Visionary RCM, campus drive was held at SVCP on 15/12/2017.

  • AFLOAT Floating Seminar Hall

    AFLOAT Floating Seminar Hall, Vishnu - SVES Campus, Bhimavaram

  • Pharmacylibraryweek

    National Library Week and National Pharmacy Week celebrations. 

  • Graduation day for 4th batch Pharm.D students (2011-17 batch)

    Graduation day for 4th batch Pharm.D students (2011-17 batch). Chief guest Dr.JayaprakashNarayana, IAS., President Loksatta party in his graduation day and Shri K V Vishnu Raju Chairman -SVES presided over the function.

  • NAAC inseption 06 and 08-04-2017

    NAAC inseption held on 06 & 08-04-2017

  • SVES -
  • College name board
  • College God
  •  Distinguished Alumni Award

    SVES Honorable Chairman Sri K V Vishnu raju received Distinguished Alumni Award from Honorable President of India at NIT Trichy

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