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  • AFLOAT Floating Seminar Hall

    AFLOAT Floating Seminar Hall, Vishnu - SVES Campus, Bhimavaram

  • Pharmacylibraryweek

    National Library Week and National Pharmacy Week celebrations. 


    Hearty Congratulations to Mr. K Sai Charan of VI Pharm D has won First prize and got selected to participate in national level semi finals in the state level of IPA

  • mybo


  • Graduation day for 4th batch Pharm.D students (2011-17 batch)

    Graduation day for 4th batch Pharm.D students (2011-17 batch). Chief guest Dr.JayaprakashNarayana, IAS., President Loksatta party in his graduation day and Shri K V Vishnu Raju Chairman -SVES presided over the function.

  • NIPER JEE 2017 examn.
  • GVK

    HEARTY CONGRATULATIONS to Selected 09 IV B.Pharm Students in GVK Bio excelera

  • NAAC inseption 06 and 08-04-2017

    NAAC inseption held on 06 & 08-04-2017

  • II Place (Silver Medal) MYBO

    HEARTY CONGRATULATIONS to Ms. D.Geethanjali and Mr.Sk.Dada Khalandar, students of  IV B.Pharm for securing II Place (Silver Medal) among 11 teams  in All India Pharma Quiz in association 

  • graduation day

    Pharm.D (2010-16)  3rd Graduation Day on 21st Feb 2017

  • SVES -
  • College name board
  • College God
  •  Distinguished Alumni Award

    SVES Honorable Chairman Sri K V Vishnu raju received Distinguished Alumni Award from Honorable President of India at NIT Trichy

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“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” --Eleanor RooseveltThis is My Story



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 “Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe.”  -- Albert Einstein 



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