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  • Students visited Seldom Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd

    Students visited Yanam Seldom Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd and Green Park pharmaceuticals on 24/10/2018 

  • Dr. Tata Narasinga Rao

    Dr. Tata Narasinga Rao  Scientist ‘G’ & Associate Director ARCI Lecture on 15-10-2018

  • Pharm. D Graduate Day Programme

    Pharm. D Graduate Day Programme on 15-10-2018

  • B. Pharmacy Graduation Day Programme on 15-10-2018

    B. Pharmacy Graduation Day Programme on 15-10-2018

  • motivational talk by B Anil Raj

    As a Part of fresher`s induction Program, Motivational talk by Sri. B. Anil Raju on 27-09-2018

  • svcp Follow US
  • NSS 1

    NSS unit had done an awareness program on Handwash

  • Faculty Development Program

    Bioanalytical Method Development - Faculty Development Program on 20th & 21st July, 2018

  • Visionary RCM, campus drive was held at SVCP

    39 students are selected in Visionary RCM, campus drive was held at SVCP on 15/12/2017.

  • AFLOAT Floating Seminar Hall

    AFLOAT Floating Seminar Hall, Vishnu - SVES Campus, Bhimavaram

  • Pharmacylibraryweek

    National Library Week and National Pharmacy Week celebrations. 

  • NAAC inseption 06 and 08-04-2017

    NAAC inseption held on 06 & 08-04-2017

  • SVES -
  • College name board
  • College God
  •  Distinguished Alumni Award

    SVES Honorable Chairman Sri K V Vishnu raju received Distinguished Alumni Award from Honorable President of India at NIT Trichy

Eminent Visitors

Vishnu Educational Development and Training Centre - VEDIC  




The Vishnu Educational Development and Innovation Centre (VEDIC) is a place where our faculty members, staff, students, and other members work in a collaborative environment to create rich, engaged learning and teaching experiences; conduct research in all aspects of education; increase student success, build vital partnerships for improved learning, and invites individuals to become members of an intellectually diverse, active learning community





About VEDIC 

VEDIC is a residential Faculty Learning Centre, where effective training happens for Teaching, Non-teaching faculty and students. VEDIC provides positive and professional learning environment where the students and staff are inspired to strive for excellence and become technology innovators and leaders in a global society. VEDIC has started with a vision “Mentoring the Mentors” with training facilities with international standards. It was inaugurated by honorable Chairman of Sri Vishnu Educational Society (SVES, Sri K V Vishnu Raju on 17th of April 2016 and started its first training programme on 28th of April. Dr. Srinivasan Sundarrajan, Retd. Director, NIIT Trichy, is the Director the entire SVES group and Dr. Rajeev Sukumaran, working as Sr. Advisor, teaching and Learning Centre, IIT Madras, has become the mentor of VEDIC intellectual functioning. The team at VEDIC consists of highly qualified professionals to train the students and staff. The professional training halls, discussion rooms and laboratory are air-conditioned, 125-seating capacity auditorium with all ICT amenities, a 45 seating capacity interactive studio,  lush green lawns, a dining hall and kitchen, 21 furnished air-conditioned, double room accommodation, 3 suite rooms with star facilities, a library, a playground and an indoor games room with all sports equipment with a Physical Director and a trainer. We have recreational activities like TT, volleyball, skating, walking, jogging, meditation and yoga etc., to initiate physical and health activities at this center. VEDIC is a collaborative educational platform for the following SVES group of educational institutions:

01. B.V. Raju Institute of Technology, Narsapur

02. Shri Vishnu Engineering College for Women, Bhimavaram

03. Vishnu Institute of Technology, Bhimavaram

04. Vishnu Dental College, Bhimavaram

05. Shri Vishnu College of Pharmacy, Bhimavaram

06. Vishnu Institute of Pharmaceutical Education & Research, Narsapur

07. B.V. Raju Institute of Computer Education, Bhimavaram

08. B.V. Raju College, Bhimavaram

09. B.V.R.I.T College of Engineering for Women, Nizampet

10. Smt. B Seetha Polytechnic College, Bhimavaram

11. Vishnu Public School, Bhimavaram

12. Vishnu Public School, Bhimavaram

Vision Statement

The Vishnu Educational Development and Innovation Centre (VEDIC) is a residential campus with modern amenities, where our faculty members, staff, students, and other experts work in a collaborative environment to create rich, engaged learning and teaching experiences for the following group of educational institutions under Sri Vishnu Educational Society (SVES). This center is actively involved to conduct different categories of educational research to increase student success and promote active learning practices. VEDIC involves in e-Learning initiatives in order to enable blended learning experiences, experiential learning, flipped classroom activities and the development of learning resources.

Mission Statement

The Vishnu Educational Development and Innovation Centre (VEDIC) have been set up for development of faculty and students for the requirements of FUTURE. With the current scenario of transformation from teaching to learning, faculty and students have to understand innovative scientific education practice and educational psychology and behavioral science. In the exclusive residential campus of VEDIC, faculty and students undergo interactive and activity based training programmes on these areas. Projects are also on for building up of educational software for content development and delivery. Research work is on identified thrust areas of education. This center is unique in a private funded education institution for the benefit of more than 1200 faculty and 20000 students. With the participation of experts from India and abroad, VEDIC will be emerging as a Center of Excellence in the years to come.   


  • Conduct training sessions on innovative educational practices both for students and faculty members
  • Conduct training sessions on holistic development of students
  • Conduct training sessions on emotional intelligences
  • Conduct training sessions on building leadership qualities
  • Conduct colloquium, conferences and seminars to improve the quality of educational practices
  • Conduct educational research, technical research studies and experimentation.
  • To build educational software’s and digital resources
  • Create course materials to accelerate the learning quality of students
  • Promote the innovative and best practices
  • Develop infrastructure for digital learning and automation of entire academic practices




Website of VEDIC


List of Conducted Programmes   

Programme on 17-02-2017 to 19-02-2017


Date:- 17-02-2017 to 19-02-2017 

Faculty Atteneded :-  1. Ms. K Prabhanjan Kumar                                       

                                      2. Ms. Pranusha

Topic :-  Scientific Educational Practices

Photos :-  



Programme on 21-11-2016 to 26-11-2016


Date:- 21-11-2016 to 26-11-2016 

Faculty Atteneded :-  1. Dr. M Raghu Prasad 

 Topic :-  Train the trainer

Photos :-  



Programme on 19-09-2016 to 21-09-2016


Date:- 19-09-2016 to 21-09-2016 

Faculty Atteneded :-  1. Ms. M tejo Manasa                                       

                                      2. Ms. A Raga Sudha Sri

                                      3. Mr. S T K sridhar

Topic :-  Scientific Educational Practices

Photos :-  



Programme on 06-09-2016 to 09-09-2016


 Date:- 06-09-2016 to 09-09-2016 

Students Atteneded :-  IV B.Pharmacy (2016-17) Students

Topic :- Intellectual Learning for Pharmaceutical Education 

Photos :- 




Programme on 22-08-2016 to 24-08-2016


Date:- 22-08-2016 to 24-08-2016 

Faculty Atteneded :-  1. Mr. V Narasimha Raju                                       

                                      2. Mr. N Vinod Kumar Raju

                                      3. Ms. S V Nirmala

Topic :- Ethics and Cultural Diversity 

Photos :-  



Programme on 08-08-2016 to 10-08-2016


Date:- 08-08-2016 to 10-08-2016 

Faculty Atteneded :-  1. Mr. S V Sai Kumar                                       

                                      2. Mr. P Mallesh

                                      3. Mr. A Vinay

                                      4. Dr. A Srinivasa Rao 

                                      5. Ms. Devu Soni 

Topic :- Scientific Educational Practices

Photos :- 




Programme on 23-06-2016 to 25-06-2016


Date:- 23-06-2016 to 25-06-2016 

Faculty Atteneded :-  1. Mr. K Chandra Mouli                                       

                                      2. Mr. Rahim

                                      3. Mrs. A Uma

Topic :- Work Space Ethics and Diversity 

Photos :- 




Programme on 09-06-2016 to 11-06-2016


Date:- 23-06-2016 to 25-06-2016 

Faculty Atteneded :-  1. Mrs. M Aruna Devi                                      

                                      2. Mr. A Anand 

                                      3. Ms. V. Lakshmi Harika 

Topic :- Cultivating Research Mindset 

Photos :- 




Programme on 08-06-2016


Date:- 08-06-2016  

Faculty Atteneded :-  1. Mrs. M Aruna Devi

                                      2. Mr. A Anand

                                      3. Ms. V. Lakshmi Harika

Topic :- Research Methodology

Photos :- 




Programme on 07-06-2016

Date:- 07-06-2016 

Faculty Atteneded :-  1. Dr. M Raghu Prasad

                                      2. Dr. A Srinivasa Rao

                                      3. Dr. Silivia 

                                      4. Dr. Raghuveer Varma


Topic :- Research Methodology - Art of writing research proposal and research article

Photos :- 



Programme on 23-05-2016 to 25-05-2016


 Date:- 23-05-2016 to 25-05-2016

Faculty Atteneded :-  1. Dr. P. V. Swamy

                                      2. Dr. M Mohan Varma

                                      3. Mr. S Anil Kumar

Topic :- Scientific Educational Pratices

Photos :- 




Programme on 09-05-2016 to 11-05-2016



Topic :- 

Faculty Atteneded :-  1. Dr. D. Basavaraju 

                                      2. Dr. Dr. K. Prasad 

                                      3. Dr. K. S. Nataraj

Photos :- 




Programme on 14-04-2016 to 16-04-2016


Date:- 14-04-2016 to 16-04-2016

Topic :- Scientific Educational Pratices

 Faculty Atteneded :-  1. Mr. K. T. Sunil Kumar 

                                       2. Mr. Dheeraj Varma

Photos :-  



Programme on 07-03-2016 to 09-03-2016


Date:- 07-03-2016 to 09-03-2017

Topic :- Pedagogic and Personal effectiveness work

 Faculty Atteneded :-  1. Mr. P. Praveen Kumar 

                                      2. Mr. S. V. Sai Kumar 

                                      3. Dr. P. Raghuveer Varma

                                      4. Mrs. M. Sri Chandana 

Photos :-  



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